[RedTom Morning Post]: iPhone 13 high-definition renderings exposed, Apple plans to produce Apple Car batteries, and more

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Android 12 will let you play games before they’ve finished downloading

According to XDA reports, Google held the Google Game Developers Summit today. At this summit, Google introduced new solutions to make game development on Android and ChromeOS operating systems easier. In addition, Google has also introduced a new feature designed to allow gamers to have a better gaming experience. It is the “play as you download” feature. This feature is suitable for Android 12 devices and effectively reduces the waiting time when downloading large games.


RedTom Thoughts😊: Such an exciting feature! I can finally enjoy the new game earlier!


iPhone 13 high-definition renderings exposed: two new color schemes

Apple may know that the appearance of the iPhone 13 has not changed much, so the company will fill it with new colors. Recently, foreign media has exposed the new colors of the iPhone 13 series, and there are two models. As shown in the picture, in addition to black and white, the iPhone 13 Pro in the picture also added two gold designs, named sunset gold and rose gold.


RedTom Thoughts😊: I love the new color so much! Can’t wait to get the real phone!


DigiTimes: Apple plans to produce Apple Car batteries in the United States

According to the latest report from DigiTimes, Apple’s goal is to manufacture batteries in the United States and use them in its self-driving cars, rather than procuring them from suppliers in other countries. It is said that Apple is considering manufacturing batteries for Apple Car in the United States, but the company may cooperate with manufacturers in Taiwan. For example, Foxconn or Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry (Aleees) both plan to set up factories in the United States, so they have the opportunity to cooperate with Apple to develop car batteries.


RedTom Thoughts😊: Since the battery plan is here, when will Apple produce the Apple Car? And how much it would be?


Redmi K50 series network access model has been fixed and will be released early next year

According to the blogger Digital Chat Station, the network access model of the Redmi K50 series has been confirmed and may be released early next year. In addition, the blogger previously broke the news that the first version of Redmi K50 parameters has been released. Currently, it strengthens the relatively short-board fast charging and video of the previous generation, and the screen continues to upgrade.

RedTom Thoughts😊: I think Redmi K40 is a pretty good smartphone already, so what surprises could the Redmi K50 bring us? 


Huawei is developing a 90W fast charger head, will Mate50 equipped with it?

Huawei is developing a 90W super-fast charging head suitable for mobile phones, and wired and wireless charging power will be improved. At present, most of the fast charging of Huawei mobile phones is 66W. This power does have a good performance, but there is still the possibility of further improvement. It is not clear whether this 90W power charger will be equipped on the P50 model, but based on the official design of the P50, it is estimated that the related design of the P50 has been finalized, and it may be difficult to carry the 90W fast charging charger to the P50 series. But for the Mate50 series, it is very likely to be carried.


RedTom Thoughts😊:The charging speed has been improved a lot! Love to see this!

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