[RedTom Morning Post]: Xiaomi Mix 4 is officially released, Mi 11T passed certification, and more

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Starting at CNY4999, Xiaomi Mix 4 is officially released!

In terms of appearance, the front of Xiaomi Mi MIX4 uses a 6.67-inch CUP full screen, 3D micro-curved surface, a 20-megapixel selfie lens is hidden under the screen, the side and back are integrated lightweight ceramic body, and the upper left corner is a three-camera system. In terms of basic parameters, the screen has 1080P resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, equipped with Snapdragon 888+ processor, LPDDR5+UFS 3.1 storage combination, 4500mAh battery supports 120W wired and 50W wireless fast charging, 100MP + 8MP + 13MP free curved wide-angle lens. Features include UWB ultra-wideband one-finger link, Harman Kardon stereo dual speakers, NFC, infrared, and a new anti-lost mode with built-in SIM, etc. In terms of price, 8+128GB is CNY4999, 8+256GB is CNY5299, 12+256GB is CNY5799, and 12+512GB is CNY6299.


RedTom Thoughts😊: Nothing but greatness!


Mi 11T passed certification and will be equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity processor

A new member of the Xiaomi 11 series has been exposed. According to reports, a new smartphone called Xiaomi 11T has recently been certified overseas. The news broke that Xiaomi 11T will be equipped with MediaTek Dimensity chip, model 21081111RG. But as for which chip from MediaTek is used, it is not known for the time being. However, as the flagship model of Xiaomi’s digital series, it is believed that the high probability should be the Dimensity 1200. At present, Xiaomi 11 has launched a total of Xiaomi 11, Xiaomi 11 Pro, Xiaomi 11 Ultra, and other models, all using Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. And this time Xiaomi 11T will be the first time that this series uses a MediaTek processor.


RedTom Thoughts😊: For Indian market?


Honor Magic 3 Pro renders exposed

The Honor Magic 3 series will be released on August 12. With the advancing of the launch time, the exposure of the phone on the Internet has also increased. Recently, the latest renderings of Honor Magic 3 Pro have been released. According to previous news, the Honor Magic 3 series will use a 6.67-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2772*1344. The rear camera module includes a 50-megapixel main camera, and the other sub-cameras are 64-megapixel lenses, which are also the main camera specifications. According to previous official warm-up news, the image of the Honor Magic 3 series should be a highlight. As for performance, Honor Magic 3 will be equipped with a Snapdragon 888 Plus processor and 8GB of running memory. The fuselage is also equipped with ultra-high thermal conductivity new graphene for heat dissipation, which can efficiently cool the heat dissipation of the processor and continue to bring stable and strong performance.


RedTom Thoughts😊: Nice device for selfie!


Apple investigates the opinions of the old 12-inch MacBook users on size and features

Apple is sending a questionnaire to some users of the now-discontinued 2015 12-inch MacBook, asking them their opinions on the size and function settings of the notebook. Apple released the 12-inch MacBook in 2015 as an ultra-light and ultra-thin notebook computer for customers who need ultra-portable notebooks. In view of this investigation, Apple may begin to realize the continued existence of the ultra-thin and portable notebook computer market, and may consider customizing Mac notebooks for this market population. In addition, in view of its current 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro products, and the addition of Magic Keyboard accessories, Apple may feel that there is no need to introduce a 12-inch MacBook.


RedTom Thoughts😊: Love this classic MacBook!


More specifications of Huawei Mate50 are exposed!

Finally, there is good news from Huawei’s Mate50 series, confirming that it will support 5G. According to sources, Huawei Mate50 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 5G mobile platform, which is also the latest flagship processor that Qualcomm will release. According to reports, the CPU of Snapdragon 898 will use ARM Cortex V9 architecture and upgrade from Adreno660 to Adreno660. Adreno730, while improving the performance by 20%, the power consumption will be further reduced, which can effectively control the heat. In addition, the high-end version of Huawei Mate50 is expected to be equipped with the fourth-generation under-screen camera technology.


RedTom Thoughts😊: Looks pretty powerful.

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