[RedTom Morning Post]: iQOO 8 uses Samsung E5 screen for the first time: 2K resolution, Concept designer shares OnePlus 10 Pro concept rendering, and more

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iQOO 8 uses Samsung E5 screen for the first time: 2K resolution

The iQOO 8 series uses Samsung E5 LTPO display, which can dynamically adjust the screen refresh rate with a resolution of 2K+ and supports native 10bit display. In addition, judging from the exposed real mobile phone photos, the screen of the iQOO 8 series is in the form of a hole-digging screen, and it is a curved screen. The refresh rate is expected to be 120Hz, and the lowest can be as low as 1Hz. The product manager of iQOO emphasized that this screen of iQOO 8 is not only the best in iQOO history, but also the best mobile phone screen in 2021, which can be called the “industry ceiling”.

RedTom Thoughts😊: It’s very great that the new phone would equip the 2K awesome screen.


Concept designer shares OnePlus 10 Pro concept rendering

After the launch of the OnePlus 9 series flagship smartphone in April this year, many people began to wonder what tricks OnePlus would play with the new OnePlus 10 Pro in 2022. Recently, Dutch concept designer Jermaine Smit has produced a series of conceptual renderings related to OnePlus 10 Pro.

RedTom Thoughts😊: Nice designer and rendering, but how about the real specs? I doubt!


Network access information of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is exposed

As early as two months ago, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 had already been connected to the domestic network. The certification information showed that the machine was only equipped with a 15W charging specification. At that time, many consumers complained that the charging effect could not meet daily use. After more than two months, the latest news revealed that Galaxy Z Flip 3 has updated its network access certification information, which shows that the phone has added support for 25W fast charging. However, this is still not high for a folding screen flagship priced at CNY 10000.


RedTom Thoughts😊: I don’t think this design is just as good as the iPhone is.


iPhone 13 has begun to be produced: mass production will begin in August

Recently, two of the most important iPhone foundries in China have been affected by bad weather. Zhengzhou Foxconn suffered heavy rains and floods, and the landing of typhoon fireworks also affected the Shanghai Pegatron factory. The outside world is worried that it will affect the production of iPhone 13 and even its release as scheduled. In this regard, reporters from relevant media visited Shanghai Pegatron and surrounding labor service companies. At present, the iPhone 13 is already in production, and mass production is expected to start in August. And in order to cope with the peak season of iPhone processing, Shanghai Pegatron and Zhengzhou Foxconn both offered attractive benefits. Among them, new employees of Zhengzhou Foxconn can receive a bonus of over 10,000 in three months. Judging from the current situation of all parties, weather such as heavy rains and typhoons have not had too much impact on the production of iPhone 13, and will still ensure that Apple is released on schedule in September and can provide sufficient production capacity.


RedTom Thoughts😊: iPhone! The forever smartphone king!


ZTE Axon 30: The front camera completely “disappears”

It is the world’s first 400PPI under-screen camera phone, the world’s first 120Hz high-resolution under-screen camera phone, and the world’s first phone that has passed the eye protection certification of three major authorities. The front of ZTE Axon 30 is equipped with a complete, non-perforated 6.92-inch large screen with 1.07 billion colors, made of AMOLED material, with a resolution of 2460*1080, a screen PPI of up to 400, and a 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate. At the same time, ZTE Axon 30’s screen also specifically uses a more slender 20.5:9 screen ratio, 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut. ZTE Axon 30 is equipped with a 16 million pixel large-size front camera, a single pixel size can reach 1.12um, and it also supports four-in-one 2.24um. However, thanks to new technologies such as intelligent pixel enhancement control and intelligent optimized display control, the transition of the camera area under the screen is more natural, and the presence of the camera is completely invisible.

RedTom Thoughts😊: To be honest, the under-screen camera design is pretty awesome!

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