[RedTom Morning Post]: Samsung Galaxy A22 5G real phone image exposed, iPhone 13 may feature always-on display, and more

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Samsung Galaxy A22 5G real phone image exposed

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A22 5G new phone image was exposed. According to the photos released, the front of the new phone uses a waterdrop screen design, and the rear is a rectangular three-camera module. According to previous revelations, Samsung Galaxy A22 5G will use MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor with a 6.6-inch screen resolution of 1080p on the front and support for a 90Hz refresh rate. In the image part, the front of the mobile phone uses an 8-megapixel camera, and the rear is a three-camera combination consisting of a 48-megapixel main camera + a 5-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + a 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens. The phone will be equipped with a 5000mAh capacity battery.


RedTom Thoughts😊: The front seems to be a bit big. As an entry-level model, the overall appearance can be said to be quite satisfactory.


Switch Pro frequently exposed. Nintendo: There is no such plan

Recently, news about Switch Pro has appeared frequently, which has also made many players very interested. When will Nintendo launch it? Regarding this news, Nintendo said that they have no plans to launch a new Switch model and still have to focus on the current product lineup. According to previous revelations, the configuration of the new Switch Pro is very powerful, including a 7-inch Samsung OLED display panel, an updated NVIDIA SoC chip (customized NVIDIA Orin chip model 239, 7nm process, A78 CPU+Ampere GPU), and support for TV Dock mode 4K output (currently only 1080P) and so on. Of course, from a pure configuration level, the current Switch (long-life version) still has many lagging places, such as Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 4.1, 32GB body storage, and so on. 


RedTom Thoughts😊: So, please make it happen. We need a better Switch!


Realme GT Master Exploration Edition price exposure: starting at CNY2999 

Some netizens exposed the reservation information of the Realme GT Master Exploration Edition, which revealed that the starting price of the machine is CNY2999. This version is an entry-level version of 6GB+128GB, but it should also support memory expansion, which can make it up to 9GB of memory experience. It is worth mentioning that the official also revealed that the Realme GT master series will have a top-of-the-line screen, support 120Hz refresh rate, 480Hz touch report rate, and use COP packaging technology, have a very narrow chin, and also pass HDR 10+ Certification, support DC dimming, excellent experience.


RedTom Thoughts😊: Cool specs, nice price, good choice!


iPhone 13 may feature always-on display, which is ubiquitous among Android phones 

As far as the current news is concerned, the iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch, and then the rear lens has changed. In addition to the A15 chip, this series will introduce the 120Hz LTPO high refresh screen for the first time, and thanks to the low power consumption characteristics of this screen, Apple is expected to bring the long-awaited AOD (Always-on Display) function, which is said to be compatible with Apple Watch The always-on mode is similar, and this topic rushed to the hot search at the same time. At present, many Android phones support AOD display, which can display reminders such as time, calendar, and App notifications in the on-screen state. Some netizens said that Apple should have followed up with this feature long ago. 

RedTom Thoughts😊: Theoretically, all OLED screens support the AOD feature. If the iPhone 13 supports this function, will other iPhones with OLED screens support it?


OnePlus’ Buds Pro exposed, might support active noise cancelation

OnePlus recently announced information about the OnePlus Buds Pro wireless headset. Judging from the content of the message, the OnePlus Buds Pro wireless headset may be made of matte and glossy finishes, and the headset handle uses “non-conductive vacuum metallization technology” to give the plastic a metallic texture. In addition, this headset may support 15~40dB adaptive active noise reduction. With a charging box, its battery life can reach a peak value of 38 hours, and 28 hours in active noise reduction mode. In addition, its charging box will support Warp Charge fast charging function, which can carry out 10W wired fast charging and 2W Qi wireless charging. It is understood that this headset will be officially released on July 22.


RedTom Thoughts😊:Yes! Another good choice for awesome earbuds!

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