Review: OPPO Enco Buds and OPPO Enco Air–Very suitable for mobile games!

OPPO Enco Air

Enco Air has a battery capacity of 25 mAh, and the charging box has a capacity of 440 mAh. If the headset is turned on at 50% volume, it can play continuously for 4 hours.

It is very convenient that its transmission port is USB-C, charging for 10 minutes and battery life for 8 hours.

Enco Air has a battery capacity of 25 mAh and the charging case has a capacity of 440 mAh

What’s interesting is that the left and right earphones of this headset can transmit signals simultaneously through Bluetooth. Most of the earphones are paired with one ear first, and then connected to the other ear.

In this way, the experience of listening to music will be better and get into the situation faster.

Enco Air’s unit size is 12mm. In terms of sound, the earphone cavity and sound effect adjustments are more vocal priority.

Some rock music with more emphasis on rhythm and heavy bass may not be perfectly presented.

This headset has the function of intelligently tracking the human voice, coupled with the built-in 80 millisecond ultra-low latency relationship, as long as the headset is tapped three times, the headset will activate the ultra-low latency mode.

It is especially recommended to play FPS games, it is easy to distinguish between human voices and footsteps.

OPPO Enco Buds

Another OPPO Enco Buds, although the appearance is completely different, but from the experience point of view, this OPPO Enco Buds and Enco Air are almost the same.

OPPO Enco Buds looks a lot like Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Buds, with a rounded body.

It may be related to the entry model. The original box provides earphones, earphone charging box, and manual

Like Enco Air, it also has an ultra-low latency mode. As long as you tap 3 times on the OPPO Enco Buds, you can turn on the ultra-low latency game mode to play games.

In addition to listening to the position, you can also hear good game music, and the endurance is good. It can be played continuously for 6 hours at 50% power once charged.

OPPO Enco Buds’s moving coil is only 8mm, so when listening to most music, you can only feel that you are listening to the song, not enjoying it.