Rumour: Samsung will not release the Galaxy Note 22 next year! What happened?

As we all know, friends, the Samsung chose to take a break from the Galaxy Note series this year, eschewing the Galaxy Note 21 in favor of the Galaxy ZFold 3 and ZFlip 3. The Samsung fans of the Note series have been looking forward to a comeback with the Galaxy Note 22 but new information calls that into doubt.

Samsung failed to unveil the Galaxy Note 21 this year. Instead, the company launched the Galaxy ZFold3 and Galaxy ZFlip3 at Unpacked a few weeks ago. It appears, whereas, that the release of the Galaxy Note 22 may be in doubt as well.

Well, guys, it is known as early as last year that Samsung would not release the Galaxy Note 21. Fans, however, have been expecting the release of the Galaxy Note 22 next year, with hope that the absence of the Galaxy Note 21 this year was a one-off. That may not be the case. According to tipster Front Tron, Samsung may not release a Galaxy Note 2022 next year at all.

The rationale behind it is solid. Supposedly, Samsung is choosing to focus on its Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip models. An extra flagship model has been deemed unnecessary. The Galaxy Note line’s biggest selling point is its size and the S-Pen. Both features are now available on other Samsung devices, with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, for example, being the same size as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and also getting S-Pen support. The ZFold line now offers Samsung’s latest and greatest technologies. For most intents and purposes, the Galaxy Note series has become redundant.

On the flip side, though, the Galaxy Note line has a rather loyal fanbase, as the series has traditionally presented the very best devices Android has to offer. By all indications the Galaxy Note 10 series sold rather well; the Note 20 was a bit less impressive but that was excusable considering the pandemic last year. Galaxy Note series fans have shown the capacity to vote with their wallets and killing off the series would disappoint those fans. Thankfully, though, none of this is confirmed yet. Samsung may well make a big comeback with the Galaxy Note 22 next year.