Samsung S22 series related configuration preliminary exposure, fast charge upgrade but no 200MP camera

Although Samsung’s two folding screen smartphones have not been released in the second half of this year, preliminary news has been released for the new Galaxy S22 series to be launched early next year, and the current camera configuration and charging specifications have been disclosed.


First of all, FrontTron, a well-known overseas whistleblower who has exposed Samsung products for a long time, recently revealed the camera specifications of the Galaxy S22 series on social platforms. The S22 will be equipped with a 50-megapixel rear main camera, as well as ultra-wide-angle and telephoto. The sub-cameras are all 12 million pixels. The S22+ camera configuration is the same as the S22, while the main rear camera of the S22 Ultra should be 108 million pixels. The sub-camera includes ultra-wide-angle and telephoto As well as the periscope telephoto, the three are also 12 million pixels. The L-AF mark may mean that the shooting of this phone supports the focus lock function, which should strengthen the focus performance of the phone.


At the same time, FrontTron also specifically mentioned that the Samsung S22 Ultra will not use a 200-megapixel rear main camera. Although Samsung and Olympus were previously rumored to be developing and polishing a 200-megapixel CMOS together, the existing information looks at the first release of the camera. The technical mobile phone should still be the Mi 12 series. In addition, the front of the S22 series of the fuselage should still have a dot screen design, and for the time being, the under-screen camera technology will not be used.


What’s more, Samsung’s S22 series is testing the charging function of 45W or 65W. Obviously, due to the popularization of high-power fast-charging in various flagship mobile phones in China, Samsung mobile phones’ competitiveness in this area does need to be strengthened, but for reasons that everyone understands, Samsung is conservative in this regard. Follow-up will see that the S22 series can completely free Samsung from the shadow of the black history of the year.