Samsung will give those opponents a heavy strike! A variety of new techs were exposed

According to the latest news from Samsung Display, the company will showcase a number of new technologies such as its folding screen, scroll screen, and under-screen camera at the International Information Display Society.

Samsung Display said it will participate in the “Display Week 2021” online exhibition sponsored by the International Society for Information Display (SID).

The next-generation OLED products will be publicly displayed through video, including a number of OLED technologies that have been disclosed for the first time.

According to Samsung Display, S-foldable is different from current foldable phones in that it can achieve two folds inside and outside similar to the S-shape.

When folded, it can be used as a smart phone. When fully opened, the screen size can reach 7.2 inches, and it can be used as a tablet.


This is a brand new differentiated foldable product that can not only be used as a 17-inch computer monitor, but can also be folded at a screen ratio of 4:3.

The screen size after folding is similar to that of a tablet computer, which greatly increases portability.


Similar to other previous scroll screen products, it can maintain the existing mobile phone form, instead of folding the structure, but through horizontal expansion to achieve a larger screen. After the body size shrinks, it can be changed from a tablet to the size of a smart phone.


As a full-screen technology, the front camera can be installed under the panel to minimize the frame part of the device, and the camera function can be achieved by increasing the transmittance of the camera module panel area.