Sanag X Bluetooth headset for gaming: the gamers’ favorite choice

As we all know, with the hot sales of Airpods, Bluetooth headsets are also developing in full swing in the domestic market. However, as more and more manufacturers enter the game, the quality of Bluetooth headsets is also uneven. Many gamers and friends have particularly high requirements for Bluetooth headsets, but they don’t know how to choose a true wireless Bluetooth headset that really suits them. However, I recently got a British Sanag X Bluetooth headset dedicated to gaming, and it feels pretty good for using.


The packaging box of this Sanag X Bluetooth headset is a square design. The front of the packaging box is black and white, with a very simple and elegant design style. The physical image of the Sanag X product is embedded in the middle. The black area below is the brand Sanag X, which is the product name of this gaming Bluetooth headset. There are English words STABLE CONNECTION on both sides of the box.


When I smoothly opened the packaging of the Bluetooth headset, a very mechanically styled pure white charging compartment appeared in front of me, giving people the feeling of a very tough mecha warrior. Because the overall shape of the charging compartment of this Sanag X is a rhombus design style, and the edges are sharp. Right in the middle is the product name “SANAG”, and right below is the logo of this gaming Bluetooth headset. The pure black matching style adopted at the opening and connection of the earphone charging compartment, black and white, achieves a good color transition without a very sudden feeling. On the whole, the image of the e-sports wireless Bluetooth gaming headset created by the designer is particularly popular, indicating that its design style is very successful.


The micro-silicon chip integrated audio circuit used in Sanag X gaming Bluetooth headsets is the basis of ensuring that the product is lighter and more portable, it also has noise cancellation and good RF and EMI suppression, which greatly improve the sensitivity of the Bluetooth headset, ensuring the quality of calls, and the user experience has been greatly improved.


Thanks to its custom-tuned drive unit, it can clearly distinguish gunshots and footsteps when playing games, and accurately determine the position of the opponent, and the omnidirectional microphone can maintain timely and smooth communication with teammates, which can achieve perfect upgrades and easy games.


The Sanag X is equipped with the latest generation of Bluetooth 5.0 low-latency chips, which can realize ATS professional decoding in game mode. The Sanag X gaming headset uses a stable 65ms ultra-low latency, which can easily achieve accurate voice recognition that allows me to play games smoothly. I feel that having a suitable gaming headset is really necessary for playing games! In addition, in music mode, Sanag X’s professional analysis ability enables me to enjoy the original sound quality of the music. 


What’s amazing is the Sanag X Bluetooth 5.0 dual transmission, which can achieve a 15-meter uninterrupted connection, and it has a super anti-interference ability. Due to the manufacturer’s refined optimization, the signal is more concentrated and stable in the game mode.

The TYPE C charging port used in the charging compartment of the Sanag X gaming headset is very user-friendly. For today’s smartphones are all C ports, this design is very humane. When the power of the headset is sufficient, it can achieve a single continuous playback of about 6 hours. If used with the charging compartment, it can continue to provide the headset with 30 hours of battery life, which can meet the needs of users for a day without stress.


Whether it’s performance, battery life, or appearance design, it is very successful for the Sanag X Bluetooth headset.