Seems OPPO will seize more fans in South-eastern Asia! OPPO Bracelet is awesome!

On May 6th, the OPPO brand held a K9 ultra-dimensional press conference, releasing K9 mobile phones, smart TV K9, true wireless Bluetooth headset OPPO Enco Air and OPPO bracelet vitality version.

From the press conference, several products with multiple designs are aimed at different product fields, and we can see the layout and determination of the OPPO brand in the field of intelligence.


Whether it’s a new mobile phone, a new TV, or a new true wireless Bluetooth headset, OPPO meets the diversified needs of today’s young people with its excellent brand strength, and the continuous innovation of technology brings a fun and dripping game and audio-visual experience.

Among them, the new OPPO bracelet dynamic version, with the theme of fashion and health, has more technical upgrades and highlights than the previous generations, and is closely related to the current health theme.


OPPO Bracelet Vitality Edition brings more youthful style to its styling design. It has a more beautiful contrast design. You can choose between orange and blue styles. Compared with all kinds of pure color smart bracelets on the market, It looks more fashionable.

In addition, the elastic strap is made of TPU skin-friendly and soft material, which has better breathability and elasticity. After wearing it, the wrist part is more relaxed and natural, and there will be no discomfort in long-term wearing.


The dial design that users can customize is undoubtedly more personalized. There are more than 160 dynamic designs in different styles, and the new dynamic, digital space, and trendy digital styles are quite beautiful. Functionally speaking, the bracelet adopts a stylish 1.1-inch large color screen design with a 2.5D curved surface that is more natural and refined. Information such as heart rate and step count can be displayed on the screen.


OPPO Band Vitality Edition has continuous blood oxygen monitoring function, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, and all-day sleep monitoring design in the monitoring function. It can be said that it is quite attentive for your health.

From a technical point of view, it has been far from the same price bracelet products in the supermarket.

Through these monitoring designs, we can generate health charts under continuous monitoring records.

It allows us to have a clear and intuitive understanding of our health indicators during exercise, life, and sleep, so that we can discover potential health hazards and improve them through scientific methods.


In terms of sports, there are 12 common professional sports built-in, including fat-reducing running, indoor running, outdoor running, walking, cycling, indoor cycling, swimming, elliptical machine, rowing machine, badminton, free training, and training assistant.

At the same time, various exercise data such as heart rate, exercise duration and calorie consumption can be accurately recorded during exercise.

Combined with OPPO’s mobile health APP, we can also get scientific training videos for aerobics, muscle building, yoga, jogging and other training instructions.

According to the video images on the screen, scientific health guidelines can be realized, combined with exercise to generate a complete exercise report, to help develop scientific and healthy exercise habits and obtain a healthy body.


As a member of OPPO ecological products, OPPO bracelets naturally also support more information interaction with OPPO phones.

Mobile payment, weather query, information push, alarm clock setting, music adjustment, mobile phone search and other functions are naturally available.

Bring us a more convenient and advanced technology life experience.