What is the experience of owning a pair of AR glasses?

Recently, I received a pair of newly released AR glasses from Epson! This BT-40 is just so cool!

Its lens is frameless design, which is very technological when worn. It’s like wearing a black technology product from the future.

Let me share with you what technically convenient upgrades have been made to the new glasses:

500000:1 high contrast ratio makes what you see is more real.

1080P high-definition picture quality, makes you have a 120-inch large screen of cinema-level experience at home.

Super light-weight, only 95g! It’s very convenient to carry and can also be worn with myopia glasses.

It can connect to Android phones anytime, anywhere, while protecting personal privacy.


During the experience, I tried various ways to use it, and I would like to share my experience with you:

1. Aerial photography

You can directly put the shooting picture in front of your eyes in real-time, which can prevent some unnecessary accidents. It makes friends who love photography have a new experience. Just like the beautiful scenery is displayed in front of my eyes realistically.

2. Watching movies

When watching movies at home, it completely releases your hands and neck, you can watch with any posture you want. Just lie down and follow your most comfortable posture.

3. Play games

Playing games is a big fantasy of men! Lie on the bed with the handle in your hand, play whatever you want!

In general, this is a super-futuristic technological innovation! It is highly recommended for tech fans to try it!