Sharing of car products and equipment that are practical

With the improvement of modern living standards, the penetration rate of cars is also very high. The landlord is also a person who likes to buy and buy. I remember that after buying a car, he also bought a lot of products in terms of auto supplies. The increase in the number of products makes it more and more practical to think that practicality is the kingly way. Until now, except for some necessary products in the host’s car, the others can be dismantled and removed, and unnecessary products are no longer placed in the car. Now it seems that the car should be simple It’s much neater, this article mainly shares a list of practical and easy-to-use car products and equipment for the original poster.

1.Pilot car head-up display

HUD (Head Up Display), this technology was first applied in the aviation field. It is not difficult to see this display technology in some aviation-themed film and television works. It has been used for more than half a year. This product is a collection Display, navigation, AI voice commands, social functions (Bluetooth phone, voice WeChat), and smart entertainment system are all in one. The physical wireless buttons and voice control are more convenient to use. The recognition rate is high. The HUD display technology is very clear. In addition to the speed display, the time and weather will also be displayed at the same time. When driving, you only need to watch it in normal times and you don’t need to lower your head. This ensures driving safety. The configuration of models like the original poster without a central control display is very suitable.


​The built-in car navigation is a customized version of the HUD map, and the Internet of Things traffic card. When you need to navigate where to go, just wake it up by voice and say the name of the destination. You can also preset the home location. In any place, just say: I want to go home, and then I can immediately navigate to the home route. I have been using it for more than half a year, and the navigation route is accurate. It has not been taken off once. The screen display is also very clear and easy to view. It is much better than navigating with a mobile phone in the air outlet holder. The voice commands are sensitive and convenient.


2.BULL red bull car converter GNV-CD1180

This product is more practical for cars without a fast charging port, especially when the battery of the mobile phone is low, it is very convenient for emergency charging. The single-port output can reach the output power of 5V=2A (10W), and it also has a battery. The voltage monitoring function usually displays the voltage value of the battery in real time. In terms of workmanship, the overall product is made of alloy material and the shell has a matte texture. Apart from the price, there is nothing wrong with it.


​The font of the digital display in the middle position is very clear, soft light is not dazzling, and the peak output power of both ports can reach 3.4A at the same time. In normal use, there is no problem when charging the phone while powering the HUD display.


3 .VICTON great power through external T6l-c Tire Pressure Monitor

This tire pressure monitor was started on Tmall’s Double 12 in 18 last year. The price is 74.5 yuan. It hasn’t had any quality problems after using it. This tire pressure monitor is helpful for driving safety. Everyone will observe whether the pressure of the tire pressure monitor is normal. If the tire pressure is insufficient, you can find the cause and inflate it immediately. The original owner has encountered a situation that he did not know after the screw was inserted into the tire. At that time, it was still driving for a few days. I didn’t run high-speed or long-distance, otherwise, I still know what will happen. I found out that I was stuck or stood at a suitable angle after parking. I immediately repaired the tire, so I installed a tire pressure monitor in my car. Think of it as prepared.


4. Michelin car air pump 4387ML

The tire pressure of car tires is also very important for driving safety. In the past, I asked the help to measure the tire pressure after washing the car in the car wash. When the tire pressure is insufficient, it is inflated. Later, after buying a car washing machine, I rarely wash the car outside. , The original owner started this product for the convenience of individuals. The price of more than 100 yuan is not very expensive and acceptable. It is prepared for trouble. The car-mounted design is relatively small and portable. It usually does not take up space in the back box, and it is coordinated with tire pressure monitoring. It is convenient to inflate when the tire pressure is insufficient. It is equipped with a 12V car power plug, which can be plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car to supply power.


5.KARCHER Kahe k2FM unplugged version of the washing machine

The Kach K2 car washing machine is more in line with the current environment of the landlord. It is convenient to plug in, but it is not so convenient to connect to the water. K2 uses a detachable water tank design, a capacity of 12L, and a peak water pressure of 100bar, which is sufficient for household car washing. I use it. If I simply wash the body and not include the interior, the entire car wash process can be completed in half an hour. Two buckets of water is enough (that is, 24L). I have used it for more than half a year, and the average car wash per month is maintained. After 2-4 times, the user experience is quite satisfactory. This machine is still more recommended for friends who like to wash their cars by hand.


​It will not take up too much space when storing it after use.


6. Beijing making wireless car cleaners

In fact, some friends think that car vacuum cleaners can be bought or not. After you have personally experienced cleaning in the car, you feel that this product is worth starting. The suction power of this car vacuum cleaner made by Beijing Tokyo is 4200pa. The actual use effect is personally felt. It is no problem to deal with the cleaning in the car. For example, the particles on the surface of the seat cushion can be cleaned by sucking it. Compared with the method of wiping with a damp cloth, it is much cleaner. It is also equipped with two other suction nozzles as standard. Remove dust from small gaps.


​The cylindrical design is very convenient for placement and storage, whether it is placed in the car or elsewhere.


6. Mijia rearview mirror driving recorder

The standard product for driving recording ceremony driving has a certain degree of protection for driving safety. This Mijia driving recorder is equipped with a 5-inch IPS screen, which has good display clarity and good look and feel. It is no problem to view driving images with it. It is equipped with SONY. IMX323 image sensor, in terms of performance, has F1.8 aperture, 160 degree wide angle, supports physical buttons and voice command control, with parking monitoring function, when you encounter a situation, you only need to say: I want to take a picture or record a video voice command OK.


​The clarity of the rearview mirror’s refraction is very good. The key is that the anti-glare function is very practical. When driving at night, there is no effect on the high beam of the car behind. I am very satisfied with this.


7. Kaka buy wipers

The car wiper with a package of 4.90 yuan is equivalent to the price of cabbage. The host also bought several brands for the purpose of stocking goods. During use, I found that the 4.9 yuan package of wipers should be more kind in terms of materials. The comparison found that the rubber strip is thicker than the wipers of the same price, but the recent promotional price has risen to 7.99 yuan, but it is still worth starting. At present, I still have several sets of wipers on hand. I will give you a comparison when I have time. Comment sharing.

​Even if it is a few yuan of free shipping products, it is still doing a good job in terms of matching. The wiper has been used for the past two years. In addition to the durability less than the original factory, there are sometimes unlucky The product that I received will show obvious water marks after using it. This is a rare case, and there is no problem with other uses.


8. Cory Bao car seat

Actually, I don’t really care about car seat cushions. I prefer the feeling of “streaking” because I usually have a friend or colleague ride a ride, and my wife is still worried about the embarrassing situation of the leather seat cushion being damaged. Later I found it online. This, I think this single-piece cushion should be a better solution, it restores the true sitting feeling of the original seat to the greatest extent, and the sitting feeling of the cushion is not bad after the timing experience, there is no original seat. The feeling of winter ice and summer heat, but there is still a sense of difference in terms of comfort.



9. Shengma car fully enclosed double-layer foot pad with silk ring

When I wanted to change the foot pads, I wanted to buy a 3W mat, and it was done in one step, but there was no model that fits the owner’s model, so I had no choice but to give up. Later I happened to see that the foot pads in my friend’s car were not bad, so I asked about the price and How about the quality, my friend said it was pretty good, so I tried it. I have used it for more than half a year, and there is no damage or marking. The material is a combination of silk circle + PU leather pad, which supports disassembly and cleaning. , But it’s not easy to dry the silk ring after washing it. It’s okay in summer, but it’s more troublesome in winter. I usually use a car vacuum cleaner to suck it in winter. This foot pad gives me a deep impression of a hundred Diversified prices. The workmanship details are very good, the opening positions are accurate, and the screw positions are reserved. It can be seen that the details are carefully designed and the fit of the full enclosure is also very good. The disadvantage is that the alignment of some positions is marked The phenomenon of thread, the mat has more thread ends.



10.CAR MATE car trash bin

Sometimes when you need to throw some small garbage in the car, its usefulness is used. It still helps to keep the car clean and tidy. The design of this car trash can is also more ingenious, using adhesive hooks attached to the inner wall of the car. Put it on, and then hang the trash can on it. The size is small and it will not have much impact on the compact space in the car. The upper cover opens and closes smoothly.


​Hanging button design is easy to take.


The above is the owner’s car product and equipment list. I wonder if there are any suitable products for everyone?