Not Only for the Auto Tyre, Multipurpose 70mai Auto Air Pump

We will always have to face different issues when we are driving cars. Tyre pressure warning is one of the typical problems. So it is necessary to store an air pump in your car. And today I’d like to share an air pump from 70mai.


As an auto air pump, the 70mai air plug is not small but not that big, it just like the size of a lunch box, it won’t take too much space in your trunk or other places.



This 70mai air pump adopts an integrated storage design. The power cable and an inflatable tube can be stored inside the fuselage. This design is quite creative and worth praise. Moreover, the power cable of this product is 3.2 meters long, which is enough to reach all the four tyres when coupled with the 0.7 meters inflatable tube. When used, you need to connect the cigarette lighter in the car.


It is worth mentioning that even the switch air nozzle is received is the air pump. With the switch air nozzle means that this air pump can not only be used on the tires of cars, but also can be used to inflate bicycles, electric bicycles, basketball and swimming rings with different air nozzles, which can basically meet all our daily inflating needs.


The 70mai air pump has a digital LED screen and is embedded with an intelligent chip. The tire pressure data can be displayed when the pump is turned on and connected to the car. It’s built-in three standard units to be aebitrarily switched, and you can preset the tire pressure. Once you set, it can be automatically remembered, next time when inflation reaches the preset it will automatically stop.


I believe that many of you are concerned about the  speed of inflation, after all, car tires need a large amount of air flow. This 70mai air pump has an air flow output speed of 420ml/s,  and it can output up to 25L air flow per minute. It only takes 5 minutes to fill the empty tire. For the usual situation of insufficient tire pressure, it would take only one or two minutes to fill.


The operation is also very simple. Connect the power cable to the smoke lighter in the car, and connect the inflating tube to the tire. After setting the air pressure, press the start button, and the air will stop automatically when it reaches the preset air pressure. I tried my own car. Firstly, the air was inflated at a very fast speed, it was done in only one minute, really. Of course, it was also because my tire itself was quite inflated. And thanks to the 11 grade smooth cylinder wall, the process is also very smooth, no stuck happened.


As a product of little more than 100 yuan, 70mai air pump is of  very high cost performance, whether the quality or the using experience is quite nice. As a driver who has been driving for several years, I think it is necessary to have one pump like this stored in the car.