Trunk Auto Lift Upgrade Record Sharing

I have always envied that the trunk of some high-end cars can be lifted by themselves, while the low-end cars of mine have to be lifted by hand to open and close, which is not troublesome but inconvenient.

There’s an infinite amount of wisdom, and there’s a spring on the web that you can easily lift up the trunk of a car, and it’s pretty much the same as a high-end car, and the spring i bought is pretty good to install, and I’ll share it with you this time.

Product Display


It’s basically a spring, a sleeve, and a shock pad


Installation Method

Fasten each end of the spring to the trunk cantilever and the steel frame at the top of the trunk respectively:


According to different car will have different circumstances, the active end is fixed on the cantilever, fixed end to find a place to fix it.

A few points to be noticed:

1, the spring internal is with a metal connecting rod, metal connecting rod can rotate in and out of the spring, so as to adjust the length, generally speaking, you do not have to spin out too much.

2, the other end of the spring hook should be fixed away from the center of the trunk cantilever, too close to the cantilever around the center of the motion, the radius is certain, so can not stretch the spring, or stretch change is very small.


Personally, I felt that the force of one spring was enough to lift the trunk lid, so you don’t have to buy two of them.

It’s a really good spring. It’s been around for a couple of weeks since I bought it, and I haven’t found anything inconvenient about it. It pops up about 90%, which is definitely enough in most cases.