Shoot the stars? Shoot the moon? Too simple, the camera of the Mi 12 Pro is so fast that it can shoot lightning directly

How powerful is the fast snapshot of Mi 12Pro? Lightning can be photographed!
At the scene of the press conference on the 28th, Xiaomi Mi 12Pro used a built-up scene display to demonstrate the rapid capture capability of the machine when capturing lightning. In order to carry out this test in the cold winter, Xiaomi engineers actually made artificial lightning in the laboratory by themselves. It not only supports camera tracking but also video tracking.


In addition, Lei Jun said that Mi 12Pro also supports super night scenes at all focal lengths, and through Xiaomi’s self-developed “Night Owl Algorithm 2.0”, it can still accurately maintain the color of the picture in extremely dim light environments, while better suppressing highlights and restoring the real night. feel.
Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi 12 took photos of lightning. He opened his head, or will lead a group of people to take photos of lightning with their mobile phones, just like they used to take photos of the stars and the moon. ​Mi 12 Pro, leading mobile phone images from the era of shooting the moon to the era of shooting lightning