Snapdragon 895 will be launched this year, will it be on Xiaomi 12?

On June 28, Qualcomm officially released a new generation of top flagship processors, the Snapdragon 888 Plus 5G mobile platform.

On the whole, Snapdragon 888 Plus is an upgraded version of Snapdragon 888. It will be more powerful in terms of extreme performance, which can greatly guarantee the performance needs of users. Major manufacturers such as Honor, Xiaomi, Asus, and Vivo will launch flagship models that will upgrade this chip in the second half of the year.


It is worth mentioning that Qualcomm seems to have leaked some secrets at this meeting.

The president of Qualcomm introduced at the press conference that the terminal with built-in Qualcomm x65 baseband will be officially launched at the end of this year, and as the built-in baseband of the next-generation chip “sm8450” (tentatively Snapdragon 895), this means that the Snapdragon 895 flagship chip will also Will be unveiled during the same period.

As a result, the first batch of flagship phones equipped with the Snapdragon 895 will be officially unveiled before the end of this year.

According to past practices, the Snapdragon 895 may be launched by Xiaomi’s next-generation digital flagship Mi 12. As the flagship product of Xiaomi’s 12th anniversary, this machine is also named 12, and it is likely to be officially released in December.


According to currently known news, the new Xiaomi Mi 12 will be equipped with an under-screen camera, and the latest generation of under-screen technology will be upgraded, which can effectively improve the screen shadow in the camera area and truly hide the front camera completely.

At the same time, the Mi 12 series will continue the high-quality screen specifications of the current Mi 11 and will be further upgraded to an LTPO adaptive refresh rate screen, which can realize the adaptive refresh rate adjustment function of 1-120Hz, which can be switched according to the use scene, taking into account the needs of high refresh rate and low power consumption.

In addition to the big leap forward in screen and performance, the experience of the Xiaomi Mi 12 series in fast charging will also be upgraded again. In addition to at least 120W wired fast charging, it is also expected to be equipped with nearly 100W wireless charging specifications, which will realize the world’s first “Double Hundred Watt” fast charging effect.