The Android camp may also have MagSafe feature, Realme is developing the magnetic wireless charger

Yesterday, Realme officially released the new high-end mobile phone of the Realme GT Master series, but at the same time as the new mobile phone was launched, Realme also started its own exploration in the field of wireless charging, but Realme’s research and development in the field of wireless charging seem to be similar to Apple MagSafe route, some media said that Realme may launch a magnetic wireless charger in the future.

At present, two Realme magnetic wireless chargers have been circulated. The product brand of this series is named “MagDart”. One of them is a slim circular design. The wireless charging provides 15W of power, and the appearance is very similar to Apple’s MagSafe magnetic wireless charger. However, another product is very individual. It not only adopts a square design but also has a large volume. The lower area is equipped with heat dissipation holes. Obviously, the heat dissipation effect of this device will be better than that of the slim model. The possibility of a built-in cooling fan is not ruled out and wireless charging power may be higher.


However, it should be noted that currently, Realme does not have a mobile phone that supports wireless charging, so if Realme officially launches this product, it should be released together with new mobile phones that support wireless charging. Of course, the appearance of this product shows that the Android camp is also taking MagSafe’s research and development route. You can follow up to observe whether the Android camp will also popularize the function of MagSafe.