Recipe of tasty cake: Caramel Cheese Mousse Cake


75g crumbled caramel biscuits, 200g cream cheese, 100g caramel sauce, 80g light cream, a little vanilla extract

Decoration part: 120g cream, 12g sugar, right amount of biscuits, right amount of caramel syrup


1 The cream cheese is softened at room temperature and whipped smoothly

2 Add caramel sauce and vanilla extract and stir well

3 Whip the whipped cream until there are obvious lines, and mix well with the cheese paste

4 Crush the caramel biscuits, spread into the bottom of the cup, squeeze into the cheese paste and refrigerate for more than three hours

5 The whipped cream and sugar are beaten hard, and squeeze it on the refrigerated mousse

6 Pour caramel syrup on top, sprinkle a little bit of biscuits, put on the biscuits