That is what I feel after using the iPad control keyboard

I finally bought an iPad keyboard. I have to say that the typing feel of the keyboard is much better than before.

The angle of the screen is also much more friendly, and it really feels more like a laptop.

However, because the iPad cannot lie flat with the keyboard, if you want to use the pencil to write, draw, and take notes, you still need to switch back to the double-sided folder.

Then the touchpad is smaller than the mbp, but the click desktop software including typing is more convenient than the original touch screen.

Its weight is indeed heavy. The iPad pro plus the keyboard feels very heavy.

It also requires more strength to open.

But sometimes there will be delays in typing. For example, you press the keyboard quickly, but the word will be displayed on the screen after a delay.

But it’s okay to type a little slower.

Generally speaking, I think it is worth buying for high-frequency users of iPad, especially those who often need to type.