The first full-body photo of the Redmi K50 e-sports version is released

This morning, @Redmi Redmi officially released the first full-body photo of the K50 e-sports version, and announced that the new color matching of the phone is named “Ice Slash”, which is a color matching that has never appeared in the industry before. Very bright.

The official said that the blue in the “Ice Slash” color scheme represents the color of dreams and is the real “Dream Color”; while “Ice” means tribute to passion and love, the firm determination behind it; “Chop” represents Overcome thorns, break through the self to defeat the opponent, and win the victory.


It is worth noting that the official also mentioned that “Bing Zhan” is the first sports car color, and this is also considered by netizens as a crazy hint of a sports car joint name.

In fact, an official rendering of a suspected K50 e-sports version of the joint model was circulated yesterday, which shows that the K50 e-sports version will be co-branded with Mercedes-Benz AMG, launching a color similar to silver-gray, and the back of the fuselage is also printed with Mercedes-Benz , AMG’s logo, looks very cool.

If the joint model is true, this will also be Xiaomi’s first car company joint model, which is very exciting.

In addition to the appearance design, the biggest highlight of the K50 e-sports version is the performance. It is equipped with the new Snapdragon 8 chip, which is currently the strongest mass-produced Android device. It is also equipped with LPDDR5 and UFS3.1 storage combination, which is basically in running speed. Top grid.


In addition, the machine will also be equipped with an exclusive self-developed “IO Turbo read and write engine”. By reconstructing the file read and write architecture, the traditional single-threaded read and write is changed to multi-threaded, and the bottleneck of reading and writing is further broken.

Officials claim that it has been verified that the decompression speed is increased by 100%, and the copy speed is increased by 300%, which will bring a lot of improvement to the overall performance output and game experience.