The Honor Magic 3 series has the strongest optimization: it responds faster than iOS and more anti-aging than Android

In the Honor Magic 3 series, Honor has introduced a new OS Turbo X optimization technology, which brings a series of unique system optimization technologies.

Compared with iOS, it responds faster, and compared with other Androids, its 36-month anti-aging performance is better.

The Honor Magic 3 series uses the Snapdragon 888 Plus, the CPU core frequency is increased to 3.0GHz, the single-core performance is increased by 5.6%, and the AI ​​performance is increased by 20%. It is currently one of the most powerful platforms.

In terms of optimization, the Honor Magic 3 series is equipped with the OS Turbo X engine developed by Honor, which brings advanced technologies such as ultra-low latency engine, anti-aging engine, and smart memory engine.

Synergistically improves the performance of the mobile phone system and reduces power consumption.

Compared with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, in terms of response delay, Magic 3 series has an average decrease of 12.6% compared with iOS, the standard deviation of response delay has been reduced by 9.2%, and the response has been smoother.

The problem that Android uses for a long time will cause lagging is Android aging. Compared with other Androids, the Magic 3 series far exceeds the level of Android in terms of anti-aging.

Its aging after 36 months is only 3.8%, while other Android phones have 36.6% aging.

In addition, thanks to smart memory technology, Magic 3 series phones can reside in 19 backgrounds, while other Android phones can only do about 12.

Of course, there is also game performance. The Magic 3 series still supports GPU Turbo X. In the original game, the frame rate of Magic 3 can reach 53.9fps, which is 5.4fps higher than that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the temperature is 0.5 degrees lower.

The phone performs well in fast charging. Specifically, Honor Magic 3 supports 66W wired super fast charging.

Honor Magic 3 Pro supports 66W wired and 50W wireless dual super fast charging, meeting people’s fast charging needs in different scenarios.

More importantly, the entire series of Honor Magic 3 has passed the certification of TÜV Rheinland’s safe fast charging.

In terms of color matching, Honor Magic 3 has four colors: gold, dawn blue, glaze white, and bright black.

Honor Magic 3 Pro comes in three colors: gold, glaze white, and bright black.

The CEO of Honor stated that Honor experienced the darkest moment in the first half of the year, but achieved rapid growth in Q3 with the Honor 50 series.

In three months, Honor has jumped from a historical low of 3% to 14.6% (weekly sales share) at the end of July, becoming China’s top three mobile phone brands.

The Magic series is Honor’s flagship series. It was first launched in 2016 and the second generation was launched in 2018.

Zhao Ming said that after the release of the Magic 3 series, the Magic series will maintain regular updates every year.