Honor Watch GS Pro: 25 days of battery life and hundreds sports modes

Honor smartwatch GS Pro was released in September 2020, aiming at outdoor smart sports watch. It is suitable for the current concept of a healthy life, especially for young people who love sports, having a practical and fashionable smartwatch is a very proud and happy thing, and it is also very considerate to send it to male and female friends.


Let’s take a look at the features of the GS Pro. First is the appearance. The GS Pro has a large square screen with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display, which is typically used in high-end flagship phones. The full letter name is Active Matrix Organic Light-emitting Diode (AMOLED), which offers faster response times and higher contrast than traditional LCD and MOLED screens.


AMOLED has been billed as the next generation of display technology, and manufacturers are taking it seriously. It’s often used in curved screen phones. The most obvious points are a wider viewing angle, a higher refresh rate, and a smoother visual effect. The screen size can also be made very thin. The display in the Honor GS Pro is also an attempt by the company to expand into the high-end watch market. The GS Pro has a very narrow bezel, just 0.95mm, which makes the whole screen look more visually striking. The official screen ratio is 70%, and it just looks good no matter what the percentage. The screen resolution is 454*454, PPI326, and the visual effect is very clear. This function is mainly designed for custom dials, high-resolution images look more beautiful, natural, and elegant.


Then is color matching. It’s available in three color schemes, including Carbonite Black, Polar White, and Tidal Blue. The newest GS PRO secret starry sky color is a custom-made model jointly branded by Honor and Discovery Channel. Based on the starry sky background, the LOGO of Discovery is added, which is very memorable.


The GS Pro is equipped with a Kirin A1 processor, 4G memory, and 32M cache. It is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 chip. The maximum distance of Bluetooth transmission is a little scary, the maximum distance is 150M. The average Bluetooth headset usually has a connection distance of 10m operation. This is also one of the characteristics of this watch positioning for outdoor sports watch, ultra long-distance transmission. Other high-tech devices include the Global Positioning System (GPS), which can track movement, locate direction and distance to avoid getting lost at night or on difficult terrain.


The built-in acceleration sensor can detect tilt changes around, the simplest use of the scene is a pedometer. Others include gyroscope sensors, heart rate sensors, air pressure sensors, and so on. The Honor GS Pro is also very waterproof, 50 meters waterproof. It also operates in a wide range of ambient temperatures, from minus 20 degrees to 45 degrees above zero, without being affected. In addition, in the 14 official military tests, including air pressure, temperature, solar radiation, rain, heat resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, and other tests, it all performed well.


One of the highlights of the Honor GS Pro is you can change the dial easily. Different from the monotonous design of ordinary wristbands, the watch dial can use a large number of themes provided by the official, but also can be set as the watch dial of their own photos. If you are using Huawei or Honor brand mobile phone, you can use NFC to touch the image transfer function, the beautiful photos are easily into the watch dial background, simple, convenient, and intelligent operation.


If you are used to sleeping with your watch on, the GS Pro’s built-in health monitoring function can monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and light and deep sleep time distribution. It can record and evaluate your stress status so that you can adjust your sleep schedule in time. This is also the main direction of the development of smart wearables. Smart bracelets all have some functions. It is rare to find a bracelet with such complete functions as the GS Pro of Honor Watch. In the future, sensors will be made smaller and smaller, and intelligent wearable devices will be worn without feeling one day. At that time, big data such as various indicators of the human body will also become a part of the Internet of Everything.