What is the recently popular ClubHouse? A mysterious app that requires an invitation code to join!

The Clubhouse voice chat room has become popular recently, and many netizens have requested “invitation codes” to join Clubhouse through social media.

So what is this mysterious app that requires an invitation code to join?


The clubhouse is actually an audio social platform for instant communication. Users can create rooms to organize people to listen to and speak. The rooms are divided into public, social and private. The audience can raise their hands to become guests, ask questions and speak. Currently, this app can only be joined by invitation.

This free downloadable App (currently only supports the IOS system), uses the “member invitation system” commonly used by advanced clubs-new users who need to enter an invitation code to successfully register, and users who register successfully will also get 2 The distributed invitation code.


Clubhouse is a social tool that can only use real-time voice but not text chat. In Clubhouse, you can invite friends to start a voice chat, or you can join a chat that your friends are participating in. This software divides participants into “speakers”, “people followed by the speakers” and “other listeners”. The latter two cannot speak directly, but you can apply for a speaking opportunity by raising your hands, changing from an observer to the speaker.


In Clubhouse, users do not need to add verified friends, only the relationship of follow, unfollow and follow each other. Users can join different clubs, and can create and join different rooms.

These clubs are long-term, but the room is temporary, a bit like a WeChat group, which is the carrier of each activity. The room can be automatically generated when an event is created by an appointment time, or it can be created instantly.


There are several types of room,
1 is completely private, only participants join in, others can not see;
2 is the “social room”, that is, only people who follow each other with the administrator can enter the room;
3 is completely open, all speakers and fans in the room will be notified and can come in;
4 is the room initiated within the club, which is only open to club members.


In addition to inviting and tracking acquaintances, Clubhouse also gives you the opportunity to discover new friends and new areas. After joining Clubhouse, the system will invite you to follow various clubs (Club) based on your personal interests, including language learning, personal interests, knowledge development, culture and art, etc. These clubs will hold various online exchanges from time to time. You can participate Among them, listen to sounds from different fields. In addition, Clubhouse also has a simple calendar system built in to mark parties for which the opening time has been booked.


In short, Clubhouse is a completely voice-based social tool, which cannot type and has no “moments of friends”. The only thing you can do in Clubhouse is to start a real-time voice chat yourself, or join a conversation initiated by someone else.

What really makes Clubhouse different from other social tools lies in the various ways users play on Clubhouse and its unique invitation mechanism.