The iPhone 15 could have a ‘state-of-the-art’ camera for significantly better photos

Apple’s phones are almost always among the best camera phones out there, but the iPhone 15 series could see a huge leap in photo quality, as the latest leaks suggest the phones will feature advanced new sensors.

A report claims that Sony will supply Apple with the “most advanced” camera sensor expected to be used in the iPhone 15 series.

So what makes this sensor so great? Well, apparently it “approximately doubles the saturation signal level per pixel”, allowing it to capture more light, which can be beneficial in low-light scenes.

The really prominent advantage of this, though, is that it reduces overexposure and underexposure, which can be particularly problematic when there is a large difference in lighting between the foreground and background of an image.

The source gave an example of clearly photographing a person’s face even when they were standing in strong backlight.

However, we’d take that claim with a grain of salt, especially when Apple just upgraded the main sensor on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to a new 48MP unit.

It’s not Apple’s style to make such a change two years in a row, so perhaps this new sensor will only be used in the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus — but that suggests it’s not as capable as the 48MP snappers on the current 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Alternatively, if the rumored iPhone 15 Ultra turns up, the sensor could be reserved for that phone to help it stand out above the iPhone 15 Pro.

not the only camera upgrade

If any phones in the iPhone 15 series do have this new Sony sensor then that could make for quite a photographic upgrade, but it probably won’t be the only one, as previous leaks have talked of a periscope camera being added too.

This would allow for the optical zoom distance to be extended from the 3x of current Pro models to likely around 5x but potentially as much as 10x, in line with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

On top of that, the iPhone 15 Ultra and possibly also the iPhone 15 Pro might be able to record 8K video, according to one source.

So in other words we might see big improvements to the wide and telephoto cameras on some iPhone 15 models, as well as to video recording, with only the ultra-wide camera possibly staying the same.

With these phones probably not out until September 2023 we’ve got a long time to wait, but if what we’re hearing is right then the iPhone 15 series is already shaping up to be among the best phones of 2023.

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