The king of smartphone charging speed! Tested: 160W fast charging can charge to 100% in 11 minutes

Various manufacturers have made great breakthroughs in fast charging, and the charging power has advanced by leaps and bounds, from 40W, 45W, 50W to 65W, and now it has reached 200W in the laboratory.


Among them, Transsion Infinix has achieved 160W of mobile phone charging power. The official said it only takes 10 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%.


Today, Android Authority tested the 160W fast charging of Transsion Infinix, which performed very well.

After testing, Infinix’s 160W fast charging only takes 5 minutes to charge to 50%, and it takes just over 7 minutes to reach 75%, and it takes 11 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%.


Android Authority pointed out that the battery capacity of the engineering machine that supports 160W fast charging is 4000mAh, and it uses a series dual-cell solution.

It is worth noting that Infinix 160W fast charging is not perfect. The Android Authority test found that in the first few minutes of charging, the temperature exceeded 41°C, and the heat was relatively large.

However, in general, Infinix 160W fast charging has done a very good job, and it is the fastest charging smartphone so far.