The latest revelations about the iPhone 15 Pro: Will there be big changes?

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 15 Pro models may feature solid-state volume and power buttons.

In a tweet, Kuo explained that the volume and power buttons on two high-end iPhone models due next year may feature a solid-state design, similar to the iPhone 7’s home button, in place of the physically pressed mechanical button design. Apple uses a similar approach with its Mac trackpad, which doesn’t physically move, just mimics the feeling of being pressed by a small vibration.

According to reports, the new iPhones will feature additional Taptic Engines on the left and right sides of the interior to provide feedback to the user, making it appear as though a physical button is being pressed. This change means that the number of Taptic Engines in each iPhone will increase from 1 to 3.

There were rumors that Apple planned to replace the Apple Watch with solid-state buttons a few years ago, but that change never happened. At the time, solid-state buttons were said to improve water resistance and take up less interior space, but it wasn’t clear whether that would be the case with the “iPhone”, as enough space was needed to accommodate more of the Taptic Engine.

“The buttonless design and the switch to USB-C are the two major updates to the iPhone 15,” Kuo said.

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