The most beautiful smart glasses! OPPO Air Glass debut: The user’s “third screen”

At the OPPO Future Technology Conference, OPPO officially released a new generation of smart glasses-OPPO Air Glass, which was developed after three years and three generations.

Liu Chang, the dean of OPPO Research Institute, said that smart glasses should have the four major characteristics of beauty, lightness, universality and toolability. In the future, smart glasses will become the “third screen” for individuals after mobile phones and watches.

OPPO Air Glass is called “the most beautiful smart glasses”. Its design is inspired by flying feathers. The body weighs less than 30g. It adopts a monocular split shape and can be fitted with optical lenses.

Through the lightweight optical path design, the compact body brings excellent optical performance, which can reach an average eye-catching brightness of 1400 nits, the display is clearer, and it is truly beautiful and easy to use.

In addition, OPPO Air Glass also supports riding navigation, speech prompts, schedule reminders and other functions.

It is reported that this smart glasses will be officially launched next spring.