The most expensive price of the new iPad is released, $5386 in Brazil!

The new iPad has been shown in front of everyone. If you think the price is expensive, you might as well look at the price in Brazil.


Judging from the price announced by Apple, the entry-level version of the iPad Pro 11-inch in Brazil is $1,938.88, the top version of the iPad Pro 12.9-inch is $5,386.11, which is still very exaggerated.

Going back to the price of the Singapore version, the 11-inch iPad Pro entry version is priced at $902.31, while the 12.9-inch top version is priced at $2648,.25.


Apple’s new iPad Pro started with 128GB, and now has a maximum capacity of 2TB. The price difference between the 12.9-inch 2TB version and the 11-inch 128GB version can reach up to $1,600.

Due to the unexpandable nature of the iPad Pro, consumers can make purchases according to their needs.