The most expensive smartphone ever! iPhone 13 Pro series includes 1TB options and all models support LiDAR

As early as June, Wedbush analysts claimed that all iPhone 13 models will have LiDAR, and Pro models will have up to 1TB of storage. Later, TrendForce analysts reported that neither of these claims is true, and LiDAR is limited to two Pro models with a maximum storage space of 512GB.


But Wedbush analysts have been paying close attention to the supply chain in Asia, and now they have reiterated their original statement that all models have LiDAR, and iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have 1TB options. This may mean that the storage options (128GB and 256GB) of the entry model will also be doubled.

The latest news also reiterated that all models of the iPhone 13 series will be equipped with LiDAR. The low-end iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 models will also be able to support this exclusive feature of the previous Pro version.


It is understood that the LiDAR scanner can measure the time it takes for the laser to bounce back after hitting an object, thereby generating a depth map of your space. They can also perform 3D recognition and distance perception of objects, which can significantly improve the capabilities of shooting and AR applications.

In order to ensure the image level of the iPhone 13 series, Apple will also upgrade the new A15 bionic processor for the series to bring better image processing performance and affect the user experience.


With new technology and up to 1TB of memory configuration, the price of the iPhone 13 series will also hit a new high. The price of the top version will easily break through the record, and it is very likely to become the most expensive iPhone in history.