The next Android phone emperor! Honor Magic3 is coming!

On the evening of June 16, Honor officially released the Honor 50 series of new products. One-stop Vlog shooting capabilities, fashionable appearance design, 100W super fast charging, etc., make it a new choice for consumers to change phones.

In addition to the Honor 50 series, Honor CEO Zhao Ming further revealed the heavy news of the flagship Honor Magic3 of Almighty Technology.

Users who want a full-blooded Snapdragon 888 experience can look forward to the Honor Magic 3, which will be launched in the third quarter.

This is undoubtedly gratifying news for users who like Honor, and for Honor itself, it is also the first high-end mobile phone.


Combined with the release rhythm of Qualcomm chips in the second half of the year, Zhao Ming’s full-blooded version of Snapdragon 888 is Snapdragon 888 Plus.

Following the recent Qualcomm Technology Summit, Zhao Ming said that the Honor Magic series will cooperate with Qualcomm’s top chips in depth, and the official announcement of the full blood version of Snapdragon 888.

Not only does it make people speculate that Honor Magic 3 or the Snapdragon 888 Plus will be the first to be released, it further fills the expectations of Honor Magic 3.

With powerful bottom-level optimization and top-level chip blessing, Honor Magic 3 brings Snapdragon 888+ to create peak performance

Judging from the current high-end models, the overall performance of the Snapdragon 888 in the first half of the year was not impressive.

As Zhao Ming said, although several flagship phones on the market currently use the top Snapdragon 888, the experience is not very good.

And this has also allowed the industry to shift its focus to the Magic3 that has not yet been released.

You know, since the debut of the first generation of Honor Magic, the Magic series has become a high-end representative.


Nowadays, with the independence of the new Honor and the brand-new division of product lines, Zhao Ming has publicly stated that he will redefine the Magic series as a tribute to the ultimate technology and build it as the highest-end flagship product of the Honor.

Based on Honor’s powerful chip tuning capabilities, how the Snapdragon 888 Plus is tuned on Honor Magic 3 and whether it can take on the high performance of the high-end mobile phone market is undoubtedly highly anticipated by the industry.

For many unique functions and designs on the original Kirin chip, the Honor R&D team spent a lot of time and energy to transplant it to the brand-new Qualcomm chip.

From this point of view, Honor Magic 3 is bound to maximize the performance of Snapdragon 888Plus.