The official version of iOS 15 is coming soon! iOS 15 Beta5: New features and changes

The official version is getting closer and closer to us, and Apple is also actively improving iOS 15.

Earlier today, Apple pushed the fifth beta version of iOS and iPadOS 15 to developers, continuing to adjust the functions and design of the new system.

Last month, Apple released the official version of iOS 14.7, while iOS 15 is also under test. The official version will be launched in September this year. However, Apple is still developing iOS 14.8.

iOS 15 makes FaceTime video calls more natural, launches the SharePlay sharing experience, and manages notifications in a new way to help users stay focused.

At the same time, it is more intelligent to obtain information through photos and search. iOS 15 also includes new privacy control options for Siri, mail, and other aspects of the system to further protect user information.

The sound recognition function icon in the control center has been updated. Previously there was only a sound wave diagram, and now a small magnifying glass has been added.

The camera shortcut button icon in the control center is updated, and there is no shutter button. The right side of the picture below is the new icon.

When the iPhone is turned off, there is a new prompt, and the iPhone can still be found after turning off. Of course, you can temporarily disable this feature after clicking.

In the main screen and Dock settings, there is a new option to use large icons. After turning it on, the icon on the home screen will become larger.