The perfect form of the Magic Keyboard: Logitech Combo Touch ik1176

After Apple launched the new white Magic Keyboard, I couldn’t help but go to the Apple store to take a look at the real thing. The white color is indeed very good, but it still hasn’t solved the problem of the Magic Keyboard, the few poor switching angles.

Yes, due to the integrated design, the Magic Keyboard cannot easily adjust the angle, and can only be fixed in a suspended position. In this way, when I need to use Apple Pencil to create, I must take down the iPad Pro. The same is true when using it as the vertical screen, which is very inflexible.


After experiencing the two keyboards, I was frustrated and I was about to step out of the Apple store. Suddenly, a keyboard caught my eye, and that is this Logitech detachable keyboard case, Combo Touch ik1176.

After using it for a few days, I wrote this review with this keyboard.

First of all, in appearance, this protective case is made up of cloth material as a whole, which is somewhat similar to a surface-like cloth keyboard. Compared with the silicone material of the Magic Keyboard, it is less likely to leave oil stains and dust, more wear-resistant, and more refreshing. Is my favorite material. Corresponding protection has also been done on the frame to make it more effective in protecting the iPad.


For the connection with the iPad, this keyboard is not connected by Bluetooth, but by the contact connection on the back of the iPad. It can be connected only by putting on a protective case, which is very convenient.


After opening the protective cover, a large touchpad came into view. I personally like notebooks with large touchpads, so a big factor in buying this keyboard is its large touchpad. This touchpad is exactly the same as the touchpad of the Magic Keyboard. It is made of glass, with a smooth feel, and the width has been increased, bringing a larger touch area, enabling precise operation on the iPad. At the same time, it does not have the delay of other third-party touchpads. It is very comfortable. No wonder it is a keyboard manufacturer that has cooperated with Apple for many years.



There is a keyboard on the touchpad. Unlike the Magic Keyboard, Logitech’s keyboard has an extra function key area above the keyboard, which can adjust the screen brightness, sound, search, switch music, lock the screen, and even adjust the brightness of the keyboard light! Yes, this keyboard, like the Magic Keyboard, has a keyboard light, which I hadn’t thought of before. I am personally satisfied with the keyboard’s keystrokes. The feel is comparable to that of the Magic Keyboard, and the percussion feel is very comfortable.

Next is its biggest selling point, the detachable design. Thanks to the magnetic contact design, Logitech’s keyboard can separate the keyboard from the iPad, which brings great flexibility. You can remove the keyboard when you don’t need to type and change it back to an independent iPad, which is convenient for my illustrator drawing.

Moreover, on the iPad side of the protective case, there is a design that I like very much, the variable angle bracket. This means that the iPad can also be changed into different angles to adapt to different usage scenarios like a surface. For example, the upright mode is used to browse text and video content, and the workbench mode allows me to better use Apple Pencil for illustration drawing and text recording.




In short, this protective case makes me very satisfied. It combines the excellent feel of the Magic Keyboard and the flexible design of the Surface. It also retains Logitech’s consistent high quality. And it’s much cheaper than the Magic Keyboard.

I think this is the perfect form of the Magic Keyboard.