The rendering of the iPhone Flip is exposed: the flip design

At present, the world’s well-known Android mobile phone manufacturers Samsung, Huawei, motorcycles, etc. have launched their own folding screen phones, and even news that Google folding screen phones will be unveiled soon, but Apple has not seen any movement.

However, recent news from multiple sources shows that Apple is developing a folding screen mobile phone internally, and has two different types of folding solutions, using up and down folding and left and right folding respectively, corresponding to different usage scenarios.

Recently, a well-known foreign website announced a set of renderings of the “iPhone Flip” folding screen mobile phone, showing in detail the industrial design of this iPhone mobile phone with the up-and-down folding scheme.

According to the picture, the iPhone Flip adopts a design that is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It folds up and down through a hinge-like structure to carry the screen. The screen can be closed when not in use, resulting in a smaller size and easy to carry. This is also the most popular folding screen solution on the market.

It is worth mentioning that after unfolding, the iPhone Flip is closer to conventional mobile phones as a whole, basically continuing the design language of the iPhone 12 series, and Apple has also designed a unique hidden hinge that can hide the hinge almost perfectly inside the fuselage. Not only makes the appearance of the phone more coordinated, but also enhances its durability.


In addition, Apple is also equipped with a small-sized secondary screen that corresponds to the three-camera module on the back, which can be used to easily read notification messages, etc., to avoid frequent folding of the screen by users, and to enhance the life of the screen to a certain extent.

But it is a pity that the bangs design is still retained on the iPhone Flip, which means that the phone will still use Face ID to unlock, and a complete display cannot be obtained, which is a little regrettable.