The secret of Galaxy Z Fold 3 is revealed! There are side touch buttons

As the earliest manufacturer of foldable screen phones, Samsung’s flagship business-style Galaxy Z Fold series of foldable screens has attracted a lot of attention from consumers.

Recently, news about the new generation of folding screen flagship Galaxy Z Fold 3 appeared on the Internet. After the appearance rendering was exposed, a patented design that appeared to be Galaxy Z Fold 3 appeared.

As can be seen from the exposed patent design drawings, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be equipped with touch buttons on the side to replace traditional physical buttons.

According to the patent introduction, it is known that the traditional physical buttons will only cause trouble to the user, and even cause damage to the hinge.

The touch button can realize various key functions without exposing the button, which is more beautiful.

Combined with the information on the Internet, it is understood that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will use a 7.56-inch non-opening inner screen with under-screen lens technology.

The camera under the screen can be used for Selfie and video call functions. In order to further enhance the durability of the folding screen, it will be equipped with a new generation of UTG glass technology, and the thickness of the glass will be further increased.

In terms of performance, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, battery capacity is 4380mAh, supports 25W fast charge and S Pen stylus.