Is Your Samsung Battery Draining Fast, Responding Slow? 5 Major Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Phone

A Samsung smartphone is a strong one. It holds up quite well to use and time, for several years, in fact. However, no piece of technology can last forever. No matter how well you take care of your smartphone, wear is inevitable and it can and will give up eventually.

Here are some major warning signs that tell you it is time to replace your old Samsung smartphone.


5 Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Old Samsung Phone

A well-taken care of Samsung smartphone can last a long time, but you have to replace it if the phone is starting to show these tell-tale signs.

5. Battery running out quickly

The reason why your battery is draining fast can usually be fixed at home without needing to have the battery or the entire device replaced. However, it might be time to swap out your old phone if you notice that your phone is not retaining a charge like it used to.

One of the main reasons for the degradation of your battery is time. Chemically, the components found in the battery can deteriorate and will start holding less and less charge over time.

Batteries hold a finite number of charge cycles and sooner or later, it cannot hold power for long and when it seems like you can’t take your phone off of its charger for more than an hour or two, it might be time to get a new phone.

4. Too Slow Performance

If your start to notice that your smartphone is taking a little bit too long to respond than you remembered it to, you’re not imaginning it. Going back to how an old phone can run on a more recent version of OS, running the newer OS can put greater demands on your phone’s resources ilke the RAM and CPU usage.

Performance decay can happen to your phone has apps constantly become bigger and more complex, draining more of the phone’s resources. It is possible your phone does not have the resources to cope with the demands, said Aundroid Authority. What then happens is you’re left with a laggy phone that is too slow to use.

If you find your Samsung isn’t holding its charge for too long and it is lagging often, it might be time to consider getting a replacement.

3. Outdated OS

This usually occurs when your hardware and firmware can’t keep up with the demands of the newer OS.

It is also worth mentioning that once a phone is outdated, security updates will be little to none, Make Us Of added. Leaving your phone more vulnerable to malware and hackers.

If you find that you are no longer receiving software updates for a long time, it might be time to consider getting a newer replacement.


2. New Apps Aren’t Running

Apps are constantly updating to make sure they are compatible with the latest software updates, as well as just improving the app the longer it stays in the market. Even just installing apps can be difficult with an outdated OS.

If you do manage to download newer apps or you’ve kept quite a few older versions of other apps, you might find that they often crash when you’re running them. This might be a sign that the phone’s RAM and CPU are insufficient for the apps.


1. Phone Damage

This one might be the most obvious. If your phone’s hardware is broken or worn out, it is to be replaced. Even if has continued running and you can still perform all the functions of the phone, there is no twlling how long it has got left.

If it has a burn-in display, a smashed scree, or a swollen battery, these are all signs to give your old phone up and look for a newer replacement.

Though most physical components can be replaced or repaired to be good as new, the software is a bit harder to replace to keep up to date even if the hardware is still fine. Contact your phone service provider if you are eligible for an upgrade or if you are strapped for cash, opt for second hand models that are a little bit newer than the one you currently own.