Warning! If you misuse the S Pen, the screen of Galaxy Z Fold 3 may be damaged any time

Recently, Samsung officially launched the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 folding phone, and the well-known Samsung information website SamMobile also immediately reported on this product.

SamMobile said that Galaxy Z Fold 3 already supports S Pen stylus, which is Samsung’s first folding screen phone that supports S Pen stylus.

However, it is worth noting that although the Galaxy Z Fold 3 can support the S Pen stylus, there are still some limitations.

We all know that the screen material used in folding screen smart phones is different from the rigid glass protective layer used on traditional smart phones.

This time, the inner main screen of this folding phone uses a PET material protective film, which increases the durability of the folding screen by 80% compared to the previous generation.


But this will not change the problem of weaker durability of the folding screen, so currently only the S Pen folding screen version and S Pen Pro are allowed to be used in the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The user using any other type of S Pen on the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 may damage its foldable screen.

This is because the S Pen folding screen version and S Pen Pro support “Pro Tips”, the nib is softer, and most importantly, they also use the special design of the retractable Pro nib, as well as pressure control technology.

When the user exerts too much pressure, it can automatically retract, which can prevent damage to the foldable screen.

At present, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is available for pre-sale on the official website, starting at US$1799.99.

But unfortunately, the stylus supported by the Galaxy Z Fold3 needs to be purchased separately by the user. The price of the S Pen folding screen version is US$49.99, and the price of the S Pen Pro is US$99.99.