Samsung S30 series exposure: no under-screen camera, using dot screen solution

On July 13th, the blogger Digital Chat Station broke the news that Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S series flagship mobile phone, the Galaxy S30 series (tentatively named), still adopts a dot screen form.

According to the disclosed information, Samsung will be the first to mass-produce commercial under-screen camera technology on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The industry predicts that Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S series will also adopt an under-screen camera solution.


However, judging from the information exposed, the Samsung Galaxy S30 series still seems to be in the form of a dot screen. The former camera is centered and the front shape is similar to the Galaxy S21 series.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S30 series will also be equipped with a 100MP main camera. Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra will not follow up with the 200MP camera and will polish the third generation of 100 million pixels (108MP).


More importantly, there is news that Samsung will cooperate with Olympus to create images for the Galaxy S22 series. Huawei has been cooperating with Leica for a long time, making Huawei mobile phones ranked first in the DxOMark rating for a long time. OnePlus also began to cooperate with Hasselblad, thus making the OnePlus 9 series of mobile phones.

As the flagship of the year, Samsung may also join hands with Olympus to enhance the imaging capabilities of the Galaxy S series, which is worth looking forward to.