How do you like this Samsung smart refrigerator? I love it so much!


Samsung 22cu.ft. Family Hub 4-Door FrenchDoor Smart Refrigerator in Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless, Counter Depth

Price: around $3500

Its advantages:

It has the nice appearance

There is a large 21-inch electronic screen on the refrigerator, and the screen picture can also be customized.

Put some photos of yourself, you can add text, stickers, etc.

Its ice machine is really convenient

There are three modes of ice maker interface: ice water, normal ice cubes, and crushed ice.

It is really convenient to pick up ice cubes at any time.

You can check the refrigerator inventory at any time

There is a built-in camera in the refrigerator. When you go out shopping, you can check what’s in the refrigerator at any time on your phone, which is very convenient.

It has various smart apps

You can listen to music, listen to the news, read recipes at any time, and place orders directly online.

It can be synchronized with mobile phones, including photo uploads, shopping lists, etc.

Which part of the refrigerator needs maintenance, such as changing the water filter, will be prompted on the app.

You can go to the Google browser and you can watch all kinds of videos.

You can watch TV dramas directly if you have breakfast alone in the kitchen

Its disadvantages:

The capacity is small, the refrigerator itself is very large, but the capacity is actually not very large, the ice maker almost occupies one side of the refrigerator door, you can consider a larger capacity of the same type.

It is expensive, it has an electronic screen, a built-in camera, and a smart app. These advantages are a bit impractical to be honest.

The following are two smart apps that need to be downloaded:


▪️Family Hub