King back to the stage! Samsung Galaxy Note series flagship will return next year

On June 1, it was reported that Samsung will restart the Galaxy Note series next year.

Samsung is discussing internally that the Galaxy Note series will return next year.


We know that this generation of Galaxy S21 Ultra has added support for S Pen, which is believed to be an important signal for Samsung to replace the Galaxy Note series with the Galaxy S series.

However, unlike the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy S21 Ultra does not provide an exclusive pen slot for the S Pen, and the S Pen does not support the Bluetooth function and cannot be remotely controlled.


And the S Pen of the Galaxy S21 Ultra needs to be purchased separately, not as standard. In contrast, the S Pen on the Galaxy Note series is not only a standard configuration of mobile phones, but also supports Bluetooth, so there is a considerable difference in experience between the two.

Therefore, for heavy S Pen players, the Galaxy Note series is their first choice, and Galaxy S21 Ultra currently offers limited S Pen functions.