Samsung Galaxy Z Multi-Fold phone renderings leaked: It can be folded horizontally or vertically!

On March 15th, last month, LetsGoDigital reported a multi-folding smartphone based on Samsung’s patent. The back of this phone is shaped like a “cross” and can be folded horizontally or vertically. Named “Galaxy Z Multi Fold”.


Afterwards, blogger Dohyun Kim contacted the editor of the site, saying that the model is currently under development. It is reported that the information about the Galaxy S22 previously disclosed by the blogger is relatively accurate, and has a high popularity on social software, and the information he said is relatively reliable.


Dohyun Kim revealed that when the phone is folded vertically, the screen can be displayed outwards. In the horizontal folding mode, the screen can be hidden inside, in order to take into account the folding use and storage protection effect.

So recently, LetsGoDigita worked with graphic designer Parvez Khan to create a high-definition concept rendering of Samsung’s “Galaxy Z Multi Fold” based on Dohyun Kim’s description and previous Samsung patent documents.

In terms of display, the screen can be unfolded to become a large tablet, or it can be folded halfway, standing on a table like a laptop, with the upper half displaying content and the lower half serving as a virtual keyboard.


The phone can be folded both inwards and outwards, so there is no need for a separate front-facing display. When folded, it forms a double-sided phone that can be folded horizontally to protect the screen when not in use, saving even a phone case .

In terms of taking pictures, the patent document mentions a combination of an off-screen front camera + a rear three-camera combination. Since this phone can be folded, it does not rule out the possibility of using the main camera to take selfies after the phone is folded.


In addition, it is said that it will also be equipped with an S Pen stylus, and the S Pen storage is likely to design a storage slot like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, or a magnetic adsorption like the Galaxy Tab S8 tablet.

Since this phone is in the research and development stage, the release time is still unknown, but I believe that after seeing these renderings, the public should have a lot of expectations for the “Galaxy Z Multi Fold”.