The size of Apple Watch 7 is slightly increased, and the 41mm / 45mm strap is the first to be exposed!

The latest data from the market research organization Counterpoint Research shows that Apple Watch continues to dominate the smart wearable device market, and the number of users worldwide has exceeded 100 million.

Despite this achievement, Apple is still dissatisfied that Apple Watch sales have been affected by the global epidemic and the closure of Apple Store retail stores.

But now as more and more Apple Stores reopen, Apple Watch sales may rebound again.

The next generation of Apple Watch is also beginning to be expected by everyone. The next generation of Apple Watch (ie Apple Watch Series 7) has news that there will be two new sizes.

Both are slightly larger than the current sixth-generation 40mm and 44mm by 1 mm, respectively: 41mm and 45mm.

Yesterday, spy photos of the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 strap were exposed on the Internet. This Apple Watch strap is a brown leather strap. Only “45mm” can be seen vaguely. The authenticity is still uncertain.

Today, a 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 braided single-turn strap photo appeared on Twitter. In the picture, the strap is woven from 21 segments, which looks very strong.

However, it seems that it is a material that absorbs sweat and water, and its durability remains to be tested.

At present, there is news that 45mm and 41mm watchbands have begun mass production, which means that the launch of Apple Watch Series 7 is not far away.