This awesome headphone can make your ears pregnant!

Recently, I bought a noise-canceling earphone, Jabra 85t noise-canceling earphone. Now I would like to share the experience.

The main function of earphones for me is to listen to songs. My ears are more sensitive and I am an obsessive-compulsive audiophile. In the early years, I often used earphones and even bought speakers for DIY earphones. Jabra completely eliminates some steps. When listening to songs, it will automatically adjust according to different music types. Then, by testing the sensitivity of your left and right ears, you can find a suitable sound. For example, some people will feel very noisy when listening to pop, and Jabra will automatically perform AI tuning, adjust to the frequency that allows ears and hearing to adapt, protect your hearing, and have an excellent listening experience at the same time.

I usually have less sleep time. I will do some meditation with the App in the subway. I need a relatively quiet environment. The meditation effect is indeed improved because the active noise reduction experience is very good. Obviously, it can create a relatively quiet environment for me in the subway, and it can relieve ear pressure, and it is very comfortable to wear.

The earphones are very light and full of texture. The size is about the area of ​​the front of the thumb. It will be matched with earplugs of various sizes. The size of the earplugs can be selected according to the size of each person’s ear canal. After wearing it, the ear canal is not oppressive, and the weight of the earphone is uniform. Dispersed in the ear canal, it feels very light and won’t hurt even after wearing it for a few hours. The most important thing is that it’s very firm. I will wear it on a treadmill and run without any displacement after five kilometers. I want to remind everyone here. Don’t drive noise reduction to run on the road, because you can’t feel the sound around you, it’s really dangerous! For this reason, the 85t provides a very intimate listening mode, which can hear outside sounds and feel at ease when running.

In summary, this is a great noise reduction headset suitable for music enthusiasts and friends who need noise reduction.