The world’s first 150W fast charging mobile phone is exposed: realme debuts faster than all high-end flagships

It was reported on February 23 that the new realme machine with model RMX3560 has obtained a network access license. Blogger @panda very baldly pointed out that this new realme machine is called realme GT Neo3.

@Panda very bald broke the news that realme GT Neo3 offers two versions, one version is 5000mAh+65W flash charge, and the other is 4500mAh+150W flash charge.

Among them, the 150W version is the most concerned. This is the world’s first 150W flash-charging mobile phone. It is also the mobile phone with the highest fast charging power and fastest charging speed so far, and its performance exceeds the current high-end flagships on the market.


Previously, @Digital Chat Station broke the news that with the blessing of 150W super flash charging, the 4500mAh large battery can be fully charged in about 12 minutes, and the speed is unparalleled.

At present, the details of realme 150W fast charging have not been officially disclosed. It is speculated that it uses a parallel charge pump scheme with higher conversion efficiency, which can avoid the overload and overheating of the charge pump caused by high current.

It is reported that realme will announce the details of 150W flash charging on February 28, we will wait and see.