Realme Pad will equip the stylus slot and the new color

Realme is slated to launch its first-ever tablet soon. The latest renders depicting this device point to a gold SKU to join the plain gray option hinted at earlier.

They also give a better look at what is most likely a silo for an on-board pen. This is the latest possible evidence that the Pad’s touchscreen will be compatible with these accessories.

Realme’s first-gen tablet is currently said to have a more or less generic build, having an aluminum chassis with a thickness of 6.8mm that might be intended to evoke Apple’s iPads or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range.

On that not, the latest renders generated for this device point to the presence of a stylus that may or may not come in the box with this product.

The images come from the same source. Whereas, these newer ones involve a much more defined, machined-looking pen-housing compared to the last, in which this silo was sort of vaguely tucked into one corner.

The appearance of this feature in a second set of renders might suggest that pen support might be a popular feature among Realme fans, or that the OEM might think so, at least. Then again, its inclusion might leave no room for others such as 3.5mm jacks.


Otherwise, the new renders might confirm the “Realme Pad’s” USB type-C port and speaker placement. Its latest leak also point to the tablet’s having 8MP sensors on both the front and rear of the device, as well as 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

While Realme has confirmed this device is indeed in the works, it has yet to reveal when it will debut in full, where it will be made available or how much it will cost at launch.