3 cheap mobile phones that are worth buying

As the New Year approaches, many people not only want to buy food, new clothes, and other New Year goods but also want to buy a new electronic device, such as a fully functional mobile phone. Today’s mobile phones have a relatively large price range. There are more affordable ¥1,000 phones and more luxurious ¥10,000 phones. But for those users who are not very demanding, a low-cost phone is completely enough, and with the advancement of technology, many cheap phones have become more and more advanced. If you also want to buy a phone around ¥1,000, I recommend you to look at the following three, the average price does not exceed ¥1500.

Realme Q2 Pro


The Realme Q2 Pro is a clear stream in the mobile phone industry, the whole machine is only 175g, and it will not feel heavy when you get started or put it in your pocket. The back design is also very careful, especially the white plain leather model, which has undergone more than 50 complicated processes. And the front screen uses AMOLED with better material, although it only supports a 60Hz refresh rate, it can also be used daily.


In terms of shooting, Realme Q2 Pro uses a 4800w multi-functional four-shot, and the night scene algorithm is super powerful, which is obviously different from the traditional cameras that do not support night scene shooting. Realme Q2 Pro is equipped with a Dimensity 800U processor, which can provide ultra-high performance for mobile phones, and let people enjoy the fun of playing games smoothly. In order to ensure the long use of the machine, the machine uses a 4300 mAh battery with a 65w fast charge. Compared with the 175g thin and light body, the battery capacity is considered very carefully.

Advantages: light and thin body, good coordination between battery and body weight

Disadvantages: no high refresh rate, general performance

Redmi 10X


Compared with the mobile phone above, Redmi 10X is not so thin and light. With a bodyweight of 205g, it and the phone case can clearly feel heavy. However, its screen is better, using a 6.57-inch AMOLED screen, supporting HDR10+ and DC dimming, etc. Unfortunately, this phone does not have a high refresh rate like the previous one.


The rear camera of the Redmi 10X uses a 4800w streamer camera, and there are six modes to shoot large streamers. It also supports an anti-shake function, which can be used to shoot small videos. In terms of performance, Redmi 10X also has a good performance. It is equipped with Dimensity 820 processor with a running score of more than 41w, which is considered to be a better performance model in the thousand yuan machine. Due to the heavier body, many people have thought that its battery capacity will not be small, as expected, the battery capacity of this machine is 4520 mAh, which supports 33w fast charging.

Advantages: good battery life and excellent performance

Disadvantages: slow charging speed, plastic frame



The appearance of OPPO K7x is relatively simple, there is no gorgeous color matching, but it is the only model with a 90Hz refresh rate among the three mobile phones, and the user experience is significantly improved. In terms of cameras, OPPO K7x uses 4800w quad cameras to support ultra-clear night scenes, but it is still lacking compared to some mobile phones with good shooting effects, especially for long shots.


In terms of hardware, OPPO K7x is equipped with Dimensity 720 processor, this chip also has a gap compared with the previous two. However, its battery capacity is very large, and there is no pressure for heavy use of the 5000 mAh battery. From this point of view, mobile phones with average performance but strong endurance are very suitable for elders.

Advantages: strong endurance and a 90Hz refresh rate

Disadvantages: general appearance

The price of the three mobile phones is not more than ¥1500. If you want a cheaper mobile phone and don’t have high requirements for the mobile phone, then you can consider it. In addition, phones around ¥1,000 such as Honor 10X and Redmi note9 series just after the launch are also very good. If you find a good machine, you can share it with everyone.