Snapdragon 8 hot terminator! Nubia Z40 Pro is scheduled to be released on February 25: the first Sony IMX787

This morning, @NubiaMobile official Weibo announced that the flagship new product launch conference will be held at 14:00 on February 25th, and the Nubia Z40 Pro model will be officially launched.

Officials said that the Nubia Z40 Pro is a new flagship of humanistic imaging, known as the first-class image and performance.


According to previous news, the Nubia Z40 Pro will use the industry’s only customized 35mm main camera, the world’s first jointly customized Sony IMX787, which can bring SLR-level optical blur, f/1.6 large aperture, support OIS optical image stabilization, full-pixel focus , redefine mobile imagery.

It is reported that 35mm has always been known as the “Humanistic Mirror King”. With the “small wide-angle” angle of view, the lens of this focal length can not only include the subject background, but also retain enough depth of field, so as to set off the characters through the scenery and let the photos tell a story. And the effect of expressing emotions, many photographers in history like to use 35mm lenses to take humanistic photos.


Nubia officials previously stated that this 35mm master lens can reduce distortion by 35%, increase light input by 80%, and improve clarity by 78%. The film rate increased by 70%.

In terms of performance, the Nubia Z40 Pro will be equipped with the new Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, and will be the first to release new aerospace-grade heat dissipation materials. Make sure the body is not hot.