This is the right way for smart glasses: Rapoo Z1 smart audio glasses

Several years ago, Google released the original Google Glass, bringing the forward-looking concept of smart glasses to our eyes. The ideal was beautiful, but the reality was very skinny. The weak battery life, missing functions, and the high price are prohibitive. Although Google later announced a new generation of Google Glass, its popularity has long been no longer than that of the past. The reason is that the current technical limitations are too large and incompatible with actual needs.



To make smart glasses meet the needs of current users, the design and manufacturing require a conceptual change. Recently, the Z1 series of smart audio glasses launched by Rapoo is closer to users in terms of use and price.

This is the way to open smart glasses.

As a veteran peripheral manufacturer, Rapoo released the future smart wearable Z series. The products of this series have the characteristics of lighter weight and higher integration. The Z1 smart audio glasses launched by Rapoo are the start work of the series.


The Rapoo Z1 smart audio glasses is a smart wearable device that integrates audio interactive functions into the glasses. Its design language is diverse, not only in line with the low-key calmness of the majority of people, but also bold and avant-garde that is biased towards young stylish young people. Among them, Z1 Sport uses dual independent lenses and a full-frame design, which is calm and sporty, while Z1 Style uses streamlined one-piece lenses and a half-frame design, which tends to be trendy.


▲Rapoo Z1 Sport


▲Rapoo Z1 Style (black)

In terms of color matching, in addition to the black, the Z1 Style also provides an orange color. This bright color can easily remind users who know the game of the popular Cyberpunk 2077.


▲Rapoo Z1 Style (orange)


For the frame, Rapoo chose a polymer material called TR90 for Z1. Its scientific name is plastic titanium. It not only has memory properties, but also realizes the characteristics of wear resistance, crush resistance, and bending resistance. So there is no need to worry about its service life.


Of course, the most important reason why Rapoo chose TR90 is the extreme lightness of polymer materials. Thanks to the application of this special material and a high degree of integration, the weight of the Z1 Sport is only 43g, while the Z1 Style is as light as 39g. When I put the Z1 on in person, it is hard to believe that the smart audio interactive glasses are almost the same as traditional metal glasses.


Rapoo Z1 is also equipped with adjustable temples, which combine high-strength metal and flexible plastic materials together, and can adjust the wearing clamping force according to different face shapes to achieve an effect similar to private customization. During the experience, I found that the Z1’s performance in terms of comfort is much better than the ordinary glasses that I wear daily, and I can quickly find the right angle of the temples.


The lens is also a highlight of the Rapoo Z1 series of smart audio glasses. Z1 Style is installed with TAC polarized lenses by default at the factory, which can absorb 99% of the ultraviolet rays in natural light and has an anti-glare effect. The Z1 Sport is factory-installed with a pair of transparent optical lenses, which can resist the blue light emitted by the screens of electronic devices and reduce eye fatigue, and TAC polarized lenses are included in the package. You can use lenses on different occasions.


Like the Z1 Sport, Z1 Style adopts an open design, with a built-in speaker on the left and right sides of the glasses, and Rapoo’s audio team has carefully adjusted it. At the same time, Rapoo Z1 is also equipped with a dual-core computing audio chip, which can effectively reduce the loss of sound quality and ensure clarity while bringing a sense of spatial hierarchy.


In actual music playing, the comprehensive performance of Z1 Style is surprising. The low-frequency dive strength is not bad, and the mid-to-high frequency is delicate and soft. Whether it is an instrument such as a drum kit or a vocal, it can be well received by Z1 Style. 


Rapoo Z1 Style and Z1 Sport both use Bluetooth 5.0 wireless communication protocol, which can provide up to 10 meters of barrier-free transmission. In the actual experience, the Rapoo Z1 Style has always maintained a stable connection with the mobile phone, and there has been no disconnection. At the same time, because of the faster transmission speed of Bluetooth 5.0, Z1 Style can play higher-quality audio files and enjoy better music playback.


Of course, in addition to excellent sound quality and excellent connection stability, the Rapoo Z1 Style provides more than that. A music/call multi-function playback button is provided under the right frame of the Z1 Style, which allows you to control the smart glasses with just one click.


More importantly, both Z1 Style and Z1 Sport have built-in microphone systems to ensure clearer sound quality during calls. Through the function of voice interaction, Rapoo Z1 Style also realizes the control of the mobile phone voice assistant.

In terms of battery life, both the Rapoo Z1 Style and Z1 Sport can provide about 5 hours of continuous playback. Even if the battery is exhausted, you only need to charge it for about 1.5 hours.



Of course, what surprises me the most is the magnetic charging design adopted by the Rapoo Z1. This seems to be the best charging solution for such a microdevice. It is convenient and stable.