The world’s first USB-C interface iPhone X is sold: The transaction price is as high as 80000 US dollars

Not long ago, Ken Pillonel, a student majoring in engineering, changed an iPhone X from the Lightning interface to the USB-C interface through the “magic change”.

Because the adapter is integrated inside, it can not only charge, but also transfer data through USB-C.

The entire project has been open source, and Pillonel also shared the process in detail on his personal channel, including reverse engineering of the Apple C94 interface. To be honest, it is quite complicated.

This iPhone X can be regarded as the world’s first USB-C interface. It was put up for auction on eBay a few days ago. It was sold before the deadline. The price reached a staggering US$86,001, and there were 116 bids in total.

However, Pillonel warned buyers that they cannot upgrade, restore or erase the equipment after starting, and do not try to open the back cover to make new modifications.

Because this is a prototype machine, Pillonel thinks it is very fragile. Don’t expect him to help repair it once the problem is caused by personal operation.