The world’s first! ZTE 20GB RAM phone exposed

With the increasingly fierce competition in the smartphone market, mobile phone product parameter competition has reached a fierce stage. In addition to exploring industrial design, imaging, and battery life, some mobile phone manufacturers often make a fuss about storage specifications. For example, Lenovo has the Savior gaming phone 2 Pro 18GB version that is launched.


ZTE Lu Qianhao posted on Weibo that the 20GB memory phone is not that smooth, which means that ZTE already has a 20GB memory phone, which is currently the first smartphone with the largest memory.


The details of this 20GB memory phone are still uncertain. One guess is that ZTE supports memory expansion technology, which can expand 18GB of memory to 20GB. PS: OPPO Reno6 Pro can expand 12GB of memory to 19GB through memory expansion technology.

Another guess is that ZTE’s new machine is equipped with 20GB of physical memory and does not require expansion.


At present, 18GB of RAM has been mass-produced and commercialized in the mobile phone industry. 12GB or even 16GB of RAM has become the standard configuration of Android’s high-end flagships.

It is foreseeable that 20GB of memory will not be too far away from mass production and commercial use.