Truly full screen, ZTE Axon 30 under-screen camera phone will be officially released on July 27

As the world’s first official commercial under-screen camera phone manufacturer, ZTE’s Axon20 released last year attracted the attention of many people. However, since the under-screen camera technology at that time was not particularly mature, the market response was average. But this year, ZTE brought the optimized and improved second under-screen camera phone ZTE Axon30, officially announced today that it will be released at 19:00 on July 27.


In the promotional poster of the camera phone under the ZTE Axon30 screen, in addition to the official announcement of the release date, it also revealed the actual rendering of the phone. Judging from the poster, ZTE Axon30 has no openings on the front of the phone, and the visual perception is more shocking.


On the back of the phone, the rear camera module adopts a dual-ring design. The upper ring is placed with a single main camera, and the lower ring is equipped with 3 cameras, which is somewhat similar to the Honor 50 series, but the camera module uses a box shape, not an elliptical racetrack shape. At the same time, ZTE Axon30 provides 4 color versions, including black, gradual light green, yellow, and white with colored lines, which increases the recognition of the phone.